The Unity Of Strong And Weak Believers, Part 7

The Unity Of Strong And Weak Believers, Part 7
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Scripture: Romans 15:7-13

Part 7 of an exposition of Romans 14-15:13, where every believer has the responsibility to freely receive and warmly welcome every other believer in the fellowship because they all have been accepted by the Lord.

In Part 1, the Apostle Paul exhorts Christians are called receive one another with patience, not with contempt or judgment, because each believer has been divinely approved on account of Christ’s righteousness.

In Part 2, Christians are reminded that there is no spiritual advantage in personal preferences, but each is responsible to fully convinced in their own minds of the convictions from which they act upon in faith. The only spiritual advantage the believer has before God is found only in Christ and being found only in Him.

In Part 3, Christians are reminded that all believers will one day give an account of themselves to the Lord, therefore, instead of judging one another they are to love one another.

In Part 4, Christians are called to mutual care for one another.

In Part 5, Christians experience the full blessing of life together when each one exercises their liberty in a manner that is considerate of other believers.

In Part 6, Christians are exhorted to love one another and bear one another’s burdens according to the example of Christ.

In Part 7, Christians are encouraged to accept one another on account of Christ accepting them before the Father which gives them unity with Christ and one another for the glory of God.