Answering Objections, Part 2

March 13
Topic: belief , character , conscience , God , Jew
Book: Romans

Speaker: Alan Lenz

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Bible Passage: Romans 3:5-8

Part 1: Entrusted with God’s Word as God’s chosen people, the Apostle Paul explains the how spiritual privilege affirms and confirms the Jewish advantage. However, God, being true to both His promises and to His character, is justified in His Word when He righteously judges unbelief. 

Part 2: The Apostle Paul answers objections to God’s righteous judgment by explaining the false charge that God is unrighteous by inflicting wrath in judging the world. His fervent rejection is supported by unpacking the flawed logic of the accusation that sin brings God glory, this would only lead to lawlessness by nullifying the Law. Therefore, Paul says “their condemnation is just” because “How can those who died to sin still live in it?”

A clear conscience comes from God’s justification and sanctification of those who believe.